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Monthly Trait

Month                  Theme Focus Elements










School/Classroom Expectations

Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible

     -Classroom expectation should be modeled and taught

     -School expectations will be taught school wide. Students will rotate to the following stations:





          *Gathering Areas







We show we are safe by:

     -looking and thinking before we act.

     -considering the consequences of our actions.

     -keeping hands, feet, and objects to ourselves.

     -staying in supervised areas.

     -following the directions.











We treat others with respect by:

     -accepting differences.

     -using good manners.

     -using good language.

     -being considerate of other's feelings.

     -dealing with anger, insults, and disagreements peacefully.











We show that we are responsible by:

     -always trying to do our best.

     -using self-control.

     -being self-disciplined.

     -being accountable for our choices.

     -thinking before acting.

     -considering the consequences.







We show we have empathy by:

     -being king.

     -being compassionate.

     -thinking about how other people feel.

     -forgiving others.

     -help people in need.

January Revisit School/Classroom Expectations  
February Conflict Resolution

One strategy to resolve conflict is to De-Bug:


     -Move Away.

     -Talk Friendly.

     -Talk Firmly.

     -Get Adult Help.

March Trustworthiness

Being trustworthy means:

     -being honest.

     -not deceiving, cheating, or stealing.

     -doing what you say you will do.

     -having the courage to do the right thing.

     -build a good reputation.

     -being loyal

April Fairness

We show the we are fair by:

     -playing by the rules.

     -taking turns and sharing.

     -being open minded.

     -listening to others.

     -not taking advantage of others.

     -not placing blame on others carelessly.

May Citizenship

We display good citizenship by:

     -doing good thing to make our school and community better.

     -cooperate with others.

     -staying informed.

     -being a good neighbor.

     -obeying laws and rules.

     -respecting authority.

     -protecting the environment.

June Appreciation

We show we appreciate those around us by:

     -saying "please" and "thank you".

     -talking in a respectful tone of voice.

     -thinking about how other people feel.

     -listening actively when someone is speaking.

     -giving "real" compliment.


No bullying!