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How to Use

This section contains a series of videos that are meant for students and parents to use like flash cards.  The videos will flash a new word every few seconds. The words change slowly enough to support students that are still sounding out the words.  Ultimately, the goal is for students to read each word as a "Whole Word" (read aloud with no sounding out).

However, it takes practice for students to do this. Typically as students learn to read, there are 3 stages that the students go through.

Stage 1- Sounds only: Making the individual sounds of the word.  For example, students see the word "sof".  The student might say the sounds /s/ /o/ /f/.

Stage 2- Sounds and Blend: Making the sounds, then blending the sounds together to say the word. For example, students might say /s/ /o/ /f/...sof.

Stage 3- Whole Word Reading: The student is able to read the word without saying or whispering the sounds first.

Families, please have fun practicing these words together.  Take turns reading. Have your child read to you. You read them to your child.  Enjoy your time together!