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Career Day



  • Tuesdays' dismissal will be at 2:24 starting 4/18./La salida de los martes seran a las 2:24 empezando el 4/18.

  • Thank you to all who participated in the Piece of Cake Fundraiser. We are approaching $12,000 in sales

  • Remember to download the new Root Certificate on your electronics. Directions can be found here.

  • Please welcome Dr. Manuel Alvarez, our new A.P.E.I.S., to Nevin.

  • Please help welcome Ms. Rachael Sawyer Perkins to Nevin! She is Nevin's new principal!


Behavior Expectations

Today: 4/27/17


Help us raise money to make our school a better place. Any donation, big or small, will get us closer to getting a new picnic table for everyone to use and enjoy. If you are interested donate HERE

Gold Ribbon Ceremony

Nevin's 3Bs



Dental Clinic @ Nevin

Thursdays and Fridays